L0002 80 153000 USD
characteristicsCode: L0002
Location:Nguyễn Xuân Khoát
Land area:80
Area of use:80
Number of floor:
Number of bedroom:
Price:153000 USD
updated date:20/04/2017
More description:Land for sale in front of Nguyen Xuan Khoat Street, Da Nang Road: 5.5m Area: 5*16m = 80m2 Orientation: South Location: near crossroad at Phan Boi Streest, Da Nang (Korean town) Suitable for building houses for rent (make a good profit on for rent the house) Guarantee output for the houses Price: 3.5 billion Contact: Toan Huy Hoang Realty Limited Liability Company Address: 107 Nguyen Xuan Khoat Street, Son Tra District, Da Nang Hotline: 0917 112 855 (phone-viber-zalo-kakao talk) Website: https://www.toanhuyhoang.com Email: toanhuyhoang.bds@gmail.com
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Nguyễn Xuân Khoát
Director Minh Toàn 0917 112 855