Consignment for Da Nang house and property sale and rental

Consignment for sale and rental of Da Nang house and property is the form in which an individual, business, or organization want to sell its property. This includes the purchase of property and dwellings through intermediaries. If the transaction occurs after the consignment to the intermediary, the owner of the asset will pay the intermediary a previously agreed-upon payment or commission.

Toan Huy Hoang Realty is one of the few companies in Da Nang that has the most prestigious legal entity in the field of Consignment Property – Purchase – Rental agreement: Townhouses, land, residential land, villas, condominiums, holiday flats, shophouses, etc…in Da Nang


  • Acquiesce the Consignment Property: Real estate purchase, sale, or rental
  • Providing advice to customers who want to invest in the real estate business.
  • Providing advice on legal documents, documentation for real estate transfers, and property administration.


  • Consignment Property for house and property in the Hai Chau district
  • Consignment Property for house and land in the Son Tra district
  • Consignment Property for house and land in the Cam Le district
  • Consignment Property for house and land in the Hanh Son district


  • Assist the consumer in purchasing Real Estate
  • Support customer in trading Real Estate
  • Support customer in rental Real Estate



  • Consignment for the purchase of a house and property: 1% of the purchase price for each transaction
  • Consignment for house and property rental: one month’s rental price / a one-year contract of rental

Brokerage fees may vary depending on the parties’ agreement, and we only accept when the property is successfully traded.

Before starting with the transaction, you will be consulted on terms, expenses, and processes, and you will sign a memorandum of agreement.


When you sign the Consignment Property real estate contract with us, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Trade real estate as fast as feasible, in accordance with purchasers’ actual demands.
  • Save time and money on self-promotion and marketing. Let us do this for you.
  • Seller and lessor information is strictly confidential.
  • Being assisted with legal procedures until the contract’s conclusion and any subsequent difficulties.
  • Work directly with a trustworthy, competent, and market-savvy broker.


Why should you sign the Real Estate Consignment Agreement? What are the Benefits? 

Real estate is a distinct field. With little liquidity and a high value. One of the high-value items is real estate. It is difficult for the owner to sell or lease his/her property, and it takes time to locate a buyer or a tenant. Since then, real estate brokerage services have emerged to meet the purchasing and selling demands of consumers.

As a result, the signing of real estate brokerage contracts, particularly in the form of a real estate property consignment, became popular due to benefits such as:

– The connection channel, which is the consignee of the house and property, makes house and property consignment, sale, and lease services easier and more successful for buyers, sellers, renters, and lessees. Because this unit has professional activities to help connect the customers with the right needs to each other better thanks to many advertising channels, many customers…

As a result, the type of house consignment gives a fast and convenient connection for all parties who need to sell, rent, as well as for people who need to buy and rent real estate.


– Ensure clear real estate origin: According to the regulations, the real estate broker (consignee) is responsible for seeking thorough and clear transaction documentation from the seller and lessor. That is why brokerage transactions will be clearer about documents, safer legal through free real estate broker.l

– Always keep customer information confidential

– Ensure that the real estate purchase and sale price limit does not diverge from the agreement in the house and property consignment services contract.

– House purchase and property consignment services must always be available to the public, and the implementation procedure must be transparent and lawful for the parties when they sign the contract.

Choose the best spot to sign the consignment property, update information for sale, or rent with assurance

The reputable and professional consignees and brokers are often chosen by many people to be a place of trust.Currently, in the real estate market, consignees and brokers appear a lot, making it difficult for customers to choose, so you can rely on several things we mention bellow to choose:

  • Without increasing the selling price over the initial agreement between the consignee, broker, and buyer for the purpose of selling or leasing.
  • Do not accept housing products with unclear legal framework or projects that do not have adequate documentation.
  • Brokers/consignees must not make things difficult for consumers. That person has to have a big source of customers.
  • They have to ensure you Information Security 100%
  • The broker is chosen and trusted by many people.

Furthermore, consumers may discover about the broker’s REPUTATION by looking at his or her age, professionalism or business ethics, contact with the broker, and so on. These can be found in social media comments or by learning about some of the people who have traded in that company.



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