A0094 69 2 2 700 USD/month
characteristicsCode: A0094
Location:Hiyori Garden Tower
Land area:69
Area of use:69
Number of floor:18
Number of bedroom:2
Price:700 USD/month
updated date:04/06/2021
More description:

admire an incredible view from hiyori apartment 

  • Full of modern furniture: washing machine, kitchen, air-condition, refrigerator. 
  • 62sqm, 2-bedroom with a private large balcony, dining area,
  • Perfect place to get away a little after a hard-working day
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Home office: Shophouse A0110 Monarchy, Tran Hung Dao Street, Da Nang City

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Hiyori Garden Tower
Director Minh Toàn 0917 112 855