Customer’s benefits when choosing Toan Huy Hoang’s service

General benefits:

– Be provided with price information given by the real estate owners (commitment to not quote prices, raise prices);

-Have reliable and enthusiastic help from Toan Huy Hoang’s staff;

– Be supported by Toan Huy Hoang to represent all people or groups working with the other or with related agencies and organizations to achieve the best results during the time using the service;

– Support for mediation, problem solving, disputation throughout process of agreement, contract arrangement;

– Keep customer information in safe;

Other benefits:

  1. For customers who buy and sell real estate

– Be provided necessary information of project on sale, individual real estate offering;

– Be consulted valuation, market trends for customers who want to buy and sell real estate, real estate investment;

– Be consulted on legal issues and procedures, relating to buying and selling, real estate investment;

– Be supported consultancy on business loan procedures, introduced to reliable financial ogranizations;

– Be helped to contact to work, prepare necessary documents for partners to notarize real estate buying and selling contracts;

  1. For customers who rent or lease real estate

– Be provided necessary information about rental real estate;

– Be consulted valuation, market trends for customers who want to rent – lease real estate;

– Be supported for temporary residence declaration for foreigners who are real estate tenants;

– Be consulted, prepared necessary documents such as leasing contracts, equipment handover reports, contract liquidation reports;